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Thank you for the interest in taking a world-class fly fishing trip with Wind River Troutfitters.  Please take a minute to fill out the form below.  Note, all forms are required to be completed before it will allow you to submit it.  Thank you and we will make every attempt to get your party in the dates and locations of your request.  Have a wonderful day.

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Trip Information and Rates
Wind River Troutfitters trip rates are for 1 or 2 anglers per trip. A third angler may only be added to walk/wade trips, not float trips for a fee of $100. Lunch/snacks are provided on full-day trips & snacks are provided on half-day trips. A Wyoming fishing license (required) & guide gratuity is not included in the price of any package. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking for all trips. Any cancellations within 14 days are nonrefundable unless spot can be filled by another party.

What is included:
Transportation to/from the river, all food & beverages (water, soda – NO alcohol on trips) while on trip.

What it not included:
Flies, leaders, fishing license, guide gratuity (15 to 20%). Guides will have extra equipment available but we ask our clients to come with at least a good measure of the gear needed.

Book by Phone:
For booking inquiries contact our Ron Hansen or Chris Abernathy at 307-332-7864 or email us at

Important Details about our Guided Trips:
Please note, it is not unusual for us to book all of our guides on a given day, particularly during the high season months of June – September. Because of this fact, we recommend booking early to ensure availability pertaining to your schedule. Because our guides are in high demand during the fishing season, client initiated cancellations within 14 days of your scheduled trip date will result in the loss of the 50% deposit unless we can fill your scheduled spot with another party. Cancellations due to inclement weather PRIOR TO LEAVING ON THE DAY of the trip will be fully refunded but cancellations due to weather/water conditions once on location are not refundable in any amount. We will make every attempt to get to another location that is fishable but we will not put ourselves, equipment, permit/land-owner partners nor our clients in danger by doing so.

Wind River Troutfitters practices catch-and-release with the use of barbless hooks.

Trip Info & Gear:
All outdoor trips in the Rockies are susceptible to weather so it is critical that our clients come prepared of let us know so that we can provide the needed equipment out of our rental program or through our retail operation. Safety & enjoyment of our guests and staff is critical so below is a list of items we highly suggest folks come prepared with:

 1. Rods – generally speaking, we will be fishing 5 weight rods for dry fly action, 6 weight rods for nymphs, and 7 weight rods for streamers. If you need a rod then we can outfit you through our rental program or even allow you to buy a rod through our incredible retail location – Wind River Outdoor Company. We stock Winston, Scott, Echo, Temple Fork, St. Croix and on the reel side of things we stock Hatch, Abel, Nautilus, Ross and Lamson.

2. Waders – preferably those that don’t leak! Again, we can outfit you if needed. We stock Simms and Patagonia waders and wading boots. A day of being wet and cold is no fun when fishing our cold, clear streams and lakes. In July and August we do have a period in which we wet wade but we always suggest clients bring waders as a backup.

3. Sunglasses – simply put, the boat doesn’t move until the glasses are on! Eye protection is critical so don’t skimp on this area. Get good polarized glasses – they will make your fishing experience much better and frankly, you only have two eyes so take care of them! We sell Smith, Guide Line and Costa del Mar.

 4. Hat, sunscreen & lip balm – we are fishing waters in the 5500 to 7000 foot elevation. The sun at this altitude can wipe a person out and make them cry for their momma so don’t skimp here. Be prepared otherwise you will look like a boiled tomato by days end!

5. Insect repellent -west Nile is a real danger in the West given our seasonal mosquito population. Protect yourself with repellent and wear the appropriate clothing when bugs are present.

6. Tackle – leaders, tippet. Get a couple 9′ leaders in 3 and 4X and a spool of 3x, 4x, 5x tippet. The stuff lasts a long time and is very affordable. Each guide has a stash but please bring some too.

7. Flies. We will have flies in the boat but we ask each customer to get a small selection of suggested flies either at our shop or before you come to augment the selection provided by the guides. We strive to make sure we have the patterns but when the fishing gets hot you will want to have the goods they big ones are hitting! 

8. Warm jacket, layering bottoms, extra socks – the weather is wild in the west and temps can drop 50 degrees in a couple hours. Don’t go out unprepared as the results could be life threatening.

9. Rain Jacket/Pants are a must!

10. Dry Bag – why bring extra clothes when they just get wet? Dry bags are inexpensive and can prevent you from having a miserable day by keeping your possessions dry when you need them! We stock many sizes so if you need one then we can hook you up. 

11. Camera- there is a good chance of seeing wildlife, big fish, and outstanding scenery so bring a camera and keep it handy! Again, keep all electronics in the dry bag for safe storage when not being used.

12. Good attitude- this is the most important thing to bring to the trip. We cannot guarantee good weather, we can’t guarantee a 24″ brown but we can guarantee this: we will strive to make your trip memorable/enjoyable and we will do everything in our power to keep you safe and into the fish as much as possible. Our guides run the show, they are highly competent professionals so please follow their lead. They make killer shore lunches, know where the fish are and will make you laugh so please treat them with respect and listen to their instructions when the time comes.

Other items to consider bringing on trip:
• River sandals during warm summer months
• Fingerless fishing gloves
• Long-sleeved, synthetic shirt for sun & bug protection
• Neck protection from bugs and sun – i.e. Buff or bandana
• A slurry of jokes for the guide and a great sense of humor

What not to bring:
• alcohol, drugs
• bad attitude
• studded boots on our boats